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We look for software companies. We’re not particular about the industry or the vertical as we’ve worked with companies solving all sorts of problems in all sorts of markets. More important to us is whether the companies have large market opportunities.

In the same cohort? Never. In other cohorts? Yes.

We have accepted companies from “back-of-the-napkin” stage to hundreds of thousands of dollars in revenue. They key is whether your company has a gap where High Tide can help. This could be around the business model, user validation, branding, sales, go-to-market, networks, or preparing to raise money.

Yes. There are no geographic constraints to the program. Quite a few of our previous companies have been spread out all over the country.

Yes. The only caveat, is that you and your team need to be able to be in the U.S. legally for the duration of the program.

No, it’s your company. We do require that you be primarily based on site during the program. The whole idea is to leverage the learning, networking, design, marketing, product, and sales resources we’re bringing to the program. That’s difficult to do if you’re not on site. High Tide is a major commitment.

The program is investing the money and resources to help you in these early days, but of course you’ll need more to grow and thrive. At the end of the program we will have a Demo Day, which will include many investors, including those involved with Tallwave and Luhrs’ owner Hansji. We wish we could guarantee funding, but we can’t. What we can tell you is we will coach you so your pitch is awesome, and do all we can to connect you with funding sources.

We want to be seen as partner and an investor. No board seats, no controlling interest, no special rights. It’s your company, we’re simply here to help where we can.

If we were in the business of stealing ideas, we wouldn’t be around long. Your application is safe with us and we won’t share it outside of the High Tide and Luhrs’ families. Understand, we see hundreds of ideas and applications every year, some of which are similar. So we can’t sign NDAs.

No. We hope you do because we think Arizona is an amazing, growing hub for innovation. But at the end of the day it’s your company, where you live is up to you.

You have a company to run and we understand that business doesn’t stop because you’re engaged in an accelerator program. Quite the opposite--we encourage you to spin up your team’s activities for this intense, short period in the program. In addition to your regular daily efforts, you’ll attend periodic workshops, practice your pitch with friendly investors, validate your concepts with users, and move the needle in finance, sales, and marketing areas of your company. The High Tide team will be onsite for much of the work week for office hours or designated “lifting” time with companies, working side by side to achieve objectives.

We’ve had quite a few companies who are on their way to changing the world. Some you should check out are: Vida Systems, Solution54, Creative Allies, and Talk2Legends.

No, that would be a hassle. Just fill out our online application which is based on your AngelList profile (hint: which you should have anyway) – that’s all you need for us.

We will contact applicants no less than 1 month before the program begins.

It’s about the idea, market, and the team. We want concepts that solve real human problems and could change the world, and the founder(s) who we believe can make it happen. But we’re not looking for dreamers either, we’re looking for dreamers who can show they’ve moved their concept forward on their own.